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February 5, 2014

Posted by docgrubb in Uncategorized.

I have not posted here in over four years.  Back in the 00’s, I used to move in Reformed circles.   Blogs were new, and every thinking man wanted to share his thoughts, see what others thought about his, and read theirs.  This was especially true within said circles.

But I became discouraged.  My posts generated no debate.  Feedback was slight.  Then in ensuing years Twitter came along.  And overall it seemed that people were more interested in what celebrities thought about current events (or even more mundane doings) than in the deeper questions that have baffled mankind for eons.  Besides, Twitter and subsequent e-media lend themselves better to the shortened attention spans of modern generations. 

So I revive this blog solely on behalf of my children, by which I can share ideas I consider worth sharing, and these will be easier to access, wherever my kids are, without misplacing paper copies, etc. 

So here goes….


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